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REGA Research - Quality Hi-Fi since 1973

Rega's philosophy is to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible. Rega is committed to the design and development of new and existing products, both in hi-fi and other areas, that will perpetuate Rega's values of quality and value for money.

For the first time in Australia, REGA turntable Trade-in promotion

Rega a UK Turntable maker has been around for over 40 years. Rega continues to grow and the new Planar models are avaibale. For full details click here....


Rega 2017 Brio Integrated Amplifier, WhatHiFi Verdict: "An incredibly talented amplifier in every way, this is the best Brio yet" - January 2017


The Brio has a completely new case to house its improved circuits and parts. It now sits in a fully aluminium two-part case which boosts the Brio's heat sinking capabilities and improves on Rega's already solid build quality and reliability. The new Brio has a cleverly integrated headphone socket specially designed to avoid interference with the audio circuit when not in use and as you would expect, a very high specification moving magnet phono stage is built in as standard. For full details click here....

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Audio Physic - No Loss of Fine Detail

High End – Made in Germany

“No loss of fine detail” has been AUDIO PHYSIC motto and design standard since the German manufacturer founded over twenty five years ago. AUDIO PHYSIC is known for their advanced technical designs and incredible performance.

Their loudspeakers are produced using a long and intensive process in which they are subjected to hundreds of listening tests, developed according to acoustic and aesthetic factors and continuously improved in terms of their details. This high level of dedication is not only applied to their top models, but to all of their loudspeakers.

One element that is immediately evident when you look at an AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeaker is the elegant design, exemplary workmanship and impeccable quality finish. Build Quality is evident from the moment you lay eyes on the sophisticated and beautifully handcrafted cabinet. When you touch the surface of the cabinet, you’ll definitely feel the smooth and super refined finish of the carefully finished hardwood.

AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers reproduce music with spatial realism, detail and tonal accuracy, coupled with tight tuneful bottom end and dynamics. When properly set up, these loudspeakers will simply disappear. Put it simply, they are designed to dramatically enhance your enjoyment of music.

Sitara 25 - High End Line


Scorpio 25 - High End Line


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Sonus Faber Venere Series


Sonus Faber Venere Press Release

From the historic town of Vicenza, the famous Italia speakers manufacturer has introduced its new line VENERE – Sonus Faber’s at more affordable price point. The VENERE is created to be a point of reference even beyond its own category; it is characterized by a design that takes its inspiration from Aida and a sound that is vivid, immediate and ready to appeal to all.


VENERE by Sonus Faber

The role of any loudspeaker is to reproduce an original musical event, making it live again and provide the same emotions we feel when listening to an orchestra, rock band, jazz trio or powerful movie soundtrack. This is why Sonus faber designs speakers as musical instruments, and why we believe great sound depends, to a large extent, on the acoustic chamber – just like a stringed musical instrument.

The VENERE series combines Sonus faber's more than thirty years of speaker design with state-of-the-art computer modeling and critical listening sessions. The loudspeaker's enclosure incorporates precision CNC machined pieces that are assembled, and refined manually. Finally, but no less important, are the internal components. All of the drive units are custom-built by the finest international manufacturers for Sonus faber. The crossovers for the Venere series have been designed using component parts of the highest quality - even the speaker terminals are engineered to provide a secure connection to your speaker cable and guarantee the highest quality signal transfer! This careful selection of materials and strict quality control during production ensures the sound quality, cosmetic appearance and durability of the speaker.



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We can now offer you all Samsung AV products

Cinasonic is proud to announce that we can now offer our customers with all Samsung audio & visual products with full manufacturer warranty.

  • TV - latest 2D/3D LED & Plasma SmartTV
  • Blu-ray & DVD Player
  • Wireless Audio with Dock
  • Home Theatre
  • Sound Bar


Putting it all together for an amazing entertainment experience at home


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